Some patients ask what kind of protein shake powder they should be using.. There are so many variations! With the TPA Wellness Detox Program, Dr. Wang suggests using Pea Powder...

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Choosing Your Protein Shake 1

Pea Protein Shake Popularity


It is becoming a fast favorite for gym-goers and health-conscious people alike. Considering the amazing makeup of this veggie protein powder, pea protein powder is among the most hypoallergenic of all protein powders, as it contains no gluten, soy or dairy. It’s also easy on the tummy and doesn’t cause bloating, a common side effect of many other protein powders... PLUS it’s been proven to be spectacular for your kidneys, heart and waistline too!

How is it made?

Pea Protein is produced by grinding the peas into a powder- then removing the starch & fiber to leave a highly concentrated pea protein isolate. It’s perfect for adding to smoothies, baked goods or desserts to quickly boost protein intake.


Whether you are allergic or sensitive to gluten or dairy or are simply looking for a healthy, plant-based vegan protein powder, pea protein is one of the best protein supplement options available.

Another great reason to use protein powder is that consuming it within 30 minutes of working out can help speed up muscle growth and recovery to optimize your workout and get faster results.

Want to learn if this is right for you?

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