The Ultimate Light therapy offered at TPA Wellness consists of using a Contour Light machine with the efficacy of 635nm technologies that depending on the amount of light being delivered to the adipose tissue, the contour light emits far more light energy than any other similar device and utilizes both 635nm and 880nm wavelengths. After extensive research and testing to determine optimum spacing of lights and arrangement of the LED's proved to multiply the photonic energy being delivered, resulting in the highest amount of light energy concentrated in the subcutaneous tissues of any device in the category.

Higher Light Retention

More light is retained in the tissue to the patent-protected reflective coating on the Contour Light pads: dermal tissue reflects mid-600nm light at a much higher rate than other wavelengths & the reflective coating redirects reflected light back into the tissue. This is a one of a kind feature.


The design of the Contour Light represents the most advanced technology within the industry to ensure the best results possible.

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