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In Need of Some Food for Thought?...

Combining Acupuncture and BEMER Treating Neuropathy 1

Combining Acupuncture and BEMER Treating Neuropathy

By Dr Wang | June 24, 2019

Neuropathy If you, your relatives or friends, suffer from neuropathy, then you would know how horrible this disease is. You will also tell me that your neurologist couldn’t do much for you. Recently we successfully treated quite a few neuropathy patients in the clinic by combining Acupuncture and BEMER Treatment.   Let’s break it down……

What is Leaky Gut.. Really? 2

What is Leaky Gut.. Really?

By Dr Wang | June 3, 2019

Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a major cause of disease and dysfunction in modern society, accounts for at least 50% of chronic complaints, as confirmed by laboratory tests. Leaky Gut Syndrome is often the real basis for chronic fatigue syndrome and pediatric immune deficiencies.   A 2005 study showed that people who slept only a…

What if you're not ready to Detox? 4

What if you’re not ready to Detox?

By Dr Wang | May 23, 2019

If you are experiencing fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, bloating, constipation, depression, anxiety, irritability, and pain of all kinds are major indicators of the need to reduce your total toxic load. I (Dr. Wang) have quite a few patients who did or are doing 15, 17, or 30 days detox program, they are feeling better,…

Choosing Your Protein Shake 5

Choosing Your Protein Shake

By Dr Wang | May 16, 2019

Some patients ask what kind of protein powder they should be using.. There are so many variations! With the TPA Wellness Detox Program, Dr. Wang suggests using Pea Powder… Why Pea Protein??   It is becoming a fast favorite for gym-goers and health-conscious people alike. Considering the amazing makeup of this veggie protein powder, pea protein powder…

Am I ready for a Detox? 11

Am I ready for a Detox?

By Dr Wang | May 2, 2019

Do you need to Detox? Rate each of the following symptoms based upon your typical health profile. Complete this Bio-Detoxification Questionnaire. Add up the numbers to arrive at a total for each section. Then add the totals for each section to arrive at the grand total. Choose your approach. If you complete this questionnaire and…

Purge the Bad...Feel the Good! - Spring Detox 12

Purge the Bad…Feel the Good! – Spring Detox

By Dr Wang | April 27, 2019

Why Detox? The key here is finding something easy to follow and of course something that will actually make you “feel” the difference.   To build systemic or foundational health you need to reduce inflammation, increase digestion, heal the gut and assist the body to return to a state of mild alkalinity. As a reminder, minor…

probotics temecula

What’s the difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic?

By admin | March 11, 2019

You are what you eat! The lining of your gut, like every surface of your body, is covered in microscopic creatures, mostly bacteria. These organisms create a micro-ecosystem called the microbiome, it plays an oversized role in your health and can even affect your mood and behavior. There are two ways to maintain this balance…

weightloss temecula | GMO's and Weightloss | Temecula weightloss

Stubborn Weight Loss & The GMO Connection

By admin | March 5, 2019

Is corn a healthful grain or has science created a global toxicity effecting the human population? Many us know the strategy of the company, Monsanto, has taken to genetically engineer a soybean that resists being killed by the very pesticide they also make. If that wasn’t enough, they now have genetically modified corn to make…

herbal medicine Temecula

Why should you take Medical grade supplements?

By admin | February 25, 2019

Studies show that 50% of Americans take multivitamins and one in five U.S. adults takes an herbal supplement. The unfortunate truth about most of the supplements you may find on grocery store and drugstore shelves is that they are not required to go under the same FDA test for safety and effectiveness as prescription drugs.

Dr Wang | TPA Wellness Center Temecula

Give A Little… Take A Little!

By admin | February 18, 2019

“I had a patient ask me if I could be a perfect doctor for her and her condition.” Here’s my answer. Everyone fantasizes about finding the perfect doctor.  I am not perfect, and even though I try to be the best I can be, I have to confess. I am not perfect and I do…