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    How to Reduce Bodily Inflammation in 7 days… 2admin

    anti inflammation foods healthy detox steps

    Structural Problems • Hidden Food Allergies Acute/Chronic Inflammation

    Goal 1: Decreasing Inflammation 7 Days or More

    Step One of the Bio-Detoxification program is focusing on reducing acute/chronic inflammation. This is accomplished by the following combined approach.

    Common food allergens are removed from the diet and your healthcare practitioner may prescribe chiropractic and/or acupuncture to realign the spine and restore the free flow of energy throughout the body. Special nutritional supplements are used to modify the inflammatory pathways.

    This step lasts 7 days or more and is immediately followed by Step Two, which is the detoxification period. It is very important to follow the principles of the diet as closely as possible.

    Goal Two: Metabolic Cleanse 10-20 days

    Toxic Overload • Harmful Bacteria Heavy Metal Toxicity • Leaky Gut and Inflammation

    Step Two of the Bio-Detoxification Program consists of a thorough detoxification program designed to enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria from the body. Dr. Wang advises strict protocol for cleansing the body, and reminds us to keep drinking water. This is important for expelling the waste your body filters and helps to reduce inflammation. If you would like to read on for step 3, visit tpawellness.com/blog for the full 3 step easy detox!

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