“I had a patient ask me if I could be a perfect doctor for her and her condition.”

Here’s my answer.


Everyone fantasizes about finding the perfect doctor.  I am not perfect, and even though I try to be the best I can be, I have to confess. I am not perfect and I do not know everything there is to know about the human body.

Some people want a doctor who will remember every single thing about them, year after year; who will be completely up-to-date on the latest medical discoveries and research; who will listen to everything they need to talk about without rushing them out the door so the doctor can see the next patient. (Helpful hint: Not all doctors accept Medicare.)


I would like to have a patient that believes in ME and not the “magic pill.”


There are a lot of patients that I’ve met over the years that believed in the “magic pill” approach to better health, instead of lifestyle adjustments.


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Most of the doctors I went to college with strongly urged their patients to make the “lifestyle changes first, meds last” point of view, which entails doing and not doing certain things — like not smoking, walking or doing some kind of fitness regimen, eating better, staying away from fast foods and Cokes, and so on — to address their health issues.


But, since there is a pill for just about everything that ails us, (according to Big Pharma)… many people just continue doing what they’re doing, believing they are protecting their health with medications.


Just remember that the body has the power to heal itself and it does this on a daily basis. When you cut yourself, it’s not a drug that heals you.


When you damage your muscles, it’s not a medication that makes you strong again. It’s your own body.

I love working with you and it’s important that you help me spread the word if you believe in the processes you’re now accustomed to.


I just wanted to let you know that I believe my patients are the best patients and this includes you. I enjoy working with you, and I just wanted you to know that I have your back. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to me privately. I’m here to serve you and help you be as healthy as you can. All the best to you.


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