Hi Everyone! My name is Tessa, I work at TPA Wellness and have had the pleasure of trying Dr. Wang’s detox program.

I started the detox for weight loss and to feel better overall! So far I have lost over 15 lbs!!

Now this is no bias here just because it’s my place of work. I can tell you after beginning my detox and slowly eliminating certain problem foods that I would CRAVE... reducing my portions or substituting them for a better choice.... I don’t crave them (hardly at all) anymore! I found myself no longer craving the fast carbs as much, or sugary foods! Y’all, I actually WANTED a salad over a burger...??? And I feel amazing. Once you train your mind and body to question if that food is really worth eating, that’s the first step.

What worked for me was at first reducing my portions, taking a small break from my dairy intake, and gluten for a little bit. I will have a little here and there but if you break that crave cycle and start eating healthier, you WILL notice the difference.

Love yourself and take it one day at a time. 😊

Call us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the comprehensive individually designed detox programs with Dr. Wang. -tessa

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