What if I told you a simple 15-day program could reduce your overall symptoms an average of 65%? I conducted my own independent clinical trial with 12 kits to evaluate effectiveness, compliance, and the "do-ability" of the program last year. Patients filled out symptom questionnaires before and after the 15-day program.


The symptom questionnaire we used was developed by Dr. Abbas Qutab for his comprehensive detox program. Dr. Abbas finds anyone with a score of 14 or more will benefit from a cleanse program. Here's the graph overlay we used to chart patient symptom scores for the clinical trial

The top line is the pre-cleanse symptom burden, the lower line shows post- cleanse symptom scores.
Patients A-L all went on the simple 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse. I was actually kind a shocked at these results......

The average drop in symptoms for the 12 patients was 65%. Some of the drops were significant. Patient A went from a score of 50 to 8 with a drop in symptom scores of 84% and she lost 12 pounds.
Look at Patient I. Her symptoms dropped from 76 to 12 or 84%, and she lost 8 pounds. Here's what she said...

"Despite participating in traditional medical therapies, I struggled with several serious health crises for several years. Since the therapies I was using were not working, I was excited to start the 15-day cleanse. I found the shakes delicious and the diet to be very easy to follow. After the first week, I noticed that I had more energy, and I had started to lose weight and felt a dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation. I highly recommend the 15-day cleanse if you want to begin a healthy lifestyle."

Here's a weird phenomenon. Patient E only scored 13 on his pre-test, normally someone I would not put on a cleanse. But he had been suffering from an extreme eczema outbreak on his hands for eight months. Here's what he said,

"Nothing topical was helping to give me relief. The 15-day cleanse, and giving up dairy in my diet, cleared up my eczema."

Any questions regarding meal plans, dietary restrictions, current medications should be addressed during your consultation before beginning your program. If you would like to schedule a complimentary 10 minute Skype session with Dr. Wang, you can inquire by emailing info@tpawellness.com


To make things more convenient for our patients, Dr. Wang is launching an at-home detox/cleanse program. 

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