Hunger Satisfaction Rate

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Use the Hunger Scale to find the place of satisfaction vs absolute fullness. You should always stay between 2-6, maybe 2-5. Level E -1 is as bad as Level 7-F.

Hunger Satisfaction

Level E – The stomach is uncomfortably empty and is a deviation from the self-referral path of comfort – try to eat before getting to this level.

Level 0 – 1 – As digestion takes place, there is no remnant of food in your stomach from the previous meal – your stomach seems empty and you feel hunger. You are not starving but there is a definite need to eat.

Level 2 – 4 - This range describes how you feel as you are comfortably continuing to eat and food is being comfortably digested. There is no sensation of hunger.

Level 5 – You start to feel satisfied.

Level 6 – You are full, but at the point of maximum comfort.

Levels 7 and 8 – Your stomach is completely and uncomfortably full.

Level F – You can’t eat another bite and the thought of food makes you sick.


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