Structure + Function = Quality and Longevity of Life


In the past few years, while helping my mom with all kinds of problems physically and mentally, I slowly realized that my mom has dementia!!!

More than ever I appreciate healthy brain function-It defines our quality of life. It is who we are, how we think and feel and enables us to have memories and social connections. It is our human potential. The expected rate of change across lifespan is a fact that we can reliably measure and track...and hence, leverage to create engagement, loyalty, and change.


There is one single test can:

  • Help assess current level of brain function, Structural and Functionally
  • Predict how well your cells will age
  • Help prevent and possibly reverse cognitive decline and commonly slow cell aging by 67%
  • Has the ability to help mothers optimize their babies brain development
  • Can help athletes recover quicker and perform better
  • Protect against the effects of brain injury
  • Helps to direct your protocols more effectively
  • That is well indicated for you and every patient in our clinic.

Our mission is Helping our patients experience a higher quality of life.



BrianSpan integrates a Structural and Functional assessment spanning two critical windows into drivers of optimal health:

  • From life's smallest, most fundamental unit of measure, the cell
  • to the most complex, highly organized collection of cells, the brain.
bspan test

Cell structure and composition plays a big role in optimal cell function, health, and communication. Cell disfunction that goes untreated, unnoticed, unrecognized, degenerates whole body health overtime.

BrainSpan uses a blood spot sample alongside a 15 minute cognitive test to determine your overall brain health and cell function. To learn more about how BrainSpan works, visit here.


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