Purge the Bad…Feel the Good! – Spring Detox


Why Detox?

The key here is finding something easy to follow and of course something that will actually make you "feel" the difference.  

To build systemic or foundational health you need to reduce inflammation, increase digestion, heal the gut and assist the body to return to a state of mild alkalinity.

As a reminder, minor increases in acidity or what we call "relative acidity" cause radical increases in oxidation, inflammation, mineral depletion, membrane frigidity and the reduced ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to distant tissue.  

You can do it on your own and many people repeat it once every 2-3months.

The program we use in the clinic is 15-30 day Detox program. It includes shake and supplement packets: Shake packet contains easily digested, certified organic, Non-GMO pea protein, medium chain triglycerides, added fiber, an extensive array of anti- oxidants and nutrients.

The combination of high-quality protein and micronutrients support the citric acid cycle and help convert fat and carbohydrates to energy, while maintaining muscle mass. The supplement packet includes a proprietary blend to improve biliary- liver health. It's not a weight loss product per se but any time you unload cellular toxins you feel more energetic and lose weight.  

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