GMO Corn, Soybeans, Pesticides & more....

Is corn a healthful grain or has science created a global toxicity effecting the human population?

Many us know the strategy of the company, Monsanto, has taken to genetically engineer a soybean that resists being killed by the very pesticide they also make.

If that wasn't enough, they now have genetically modified corn to make it produce a toxin that kills the corn borer worm.

Do you think this GMO Corn Killing Toxin has Deadly Consequences for Humans?

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You bet! In March of 2007, scientists reported in the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology the results of the impact GMO (genetically modified) corn had when fed to rats for only 3 months.

These results revealed:

Increased weight gain
Liver and kidney toxicity
40% increase in triglycerides, which leads to Metabolic Syndrome X, diabetes, and heart disease.


Now we all need to know that us humans just don't eat plain GMO corn products, but instead we consume products with corn sweetener which is found in commercial salad dressings, breads, snacks, sodas, and all sorts of processed foods, even tonic water.

Keep an eye out for finding organic alternatives with these crops:


Remember much of corn is changed dramatically in the factory into high fructose corn syrup. Modified corn is an abnormal molecule for the body that will contribute to the obesity epidemic.

Dr. Norm Childers, the Ph.D. who discovered the relationship between human arthritis, tendonitis and dietary nightshade foods (tomatoes, potatos, peppers, eggplant) has seen that GMO corn may in fact lead to rectal bleeding, irritable bowel, joint pain that comes and goes, and arthralgias of all types.

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The bottom line...

Foods that have been genetically altered are considered foreign to the human body and will behave differently than natural grown foods. This genetically changed food has long term detrimental health consequences.

These foods damage the chemistry for weight loss.
The bottom line would be to try to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar or corn syrup in the ingredients.

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