Lose Weight & Improve Your Immune System

Now it is time to get healthier, and lose weight in the process! Dr. Wang has over 30+ years experience and can help you get yourself back on track the healthy way with her online detoxification program. Either you need to lose weight or simply want to build up a healthy immune defense. With growing numbers of COVID-19 cases, it is imperative we focus on our immune system, giving the body just what it needs to remove any foreign contaminants.

Symptom Questionnaire

You may complete this questionnaire designed to calculate if you are absolutely the right person for a detox program! Simply rate each of the following symptoms from 0 to 4. Your points will be added up, and the grand total will be calculated at the bottom. Remember this number when you click "continue"... You may print after filling out this form for your records.


Please be totally honest, this is your health! - You may Print or Save when you've completed the questionnaire...

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Does Detoxing to Lose Weight Really Work?


"What if I told you a simple 15-day [detoxifying] program could reduce your overall symptoms an average of 65%?  I conducted my own independent clinical trial with 12 kits to evaluate effectiveness, compliance, and the "do-ability" of the program last year. Patients filled out symptom questionnaires before and after the 15-day program." - Dr. Wang  (Read More...)

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