Breaking Down the Detox

If you are experiencing fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, bloating, constipation, depression, anxiety, irritability, and pain of all kinds are major indicators of the need to reduce your total toxic load.
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I (Dr. Wang) have quite a few patients who did or are doing 15, 17, or 30 days detox program, they are feeling better, energized, losing weight. Some patients ask me what if they are not ready to join the detox program yet? And I then developed an easy program, called baby-steps detox.

Baby-Steps Detox

There are two baby steps. The first is called a "preparatory phase" or Step One, that weans you off inflammatory and addictive foods. Step One also assures that you are digesting your food properly and that the elimination channels are open and functioning. The preparatory phase includes meal by meal instructions for the anti-inflammatory diet and two-three supplements. Usually this phase lasts 7 days.

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Once the "preparatory phase" is completed, you begin the second step, the 10 day "detoxification phase."

We don’t realize how the microbiome in the gut has such a powerful effect on our perception of pain, mood, ability to think clearly, and how sensitive we are to our environment.

The "detoxification phase" includes a packet of ten capsules and tablets designed to support the microbiome with food concentrates that restrict, even killing the disruptive bugs in the bowel, while creating an environment that facilitates healthy GI function.

Knowing free radicals will be released in the detox process, this step includes foods and botanically based anti-oxidants to quench the free radicals. Along with the Detox Packs, patients continue with a meal by meal diet plan with the addition of two pea protein shakes daily.

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The total program lasting 17 days. So, when looking at a cleansing reset, we want to make sure all the elements of a detox are present; namely gut clearing and healing, optimized digestion, liver detoxification and sufficient fiber to assure that toxins are evacuated.

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